Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What happened to being feminine?

I think it is very important to talk for a moment about something that more and more women I run into are agreeing with me on. That our society has lost touch with the feminine. We live in a very masculine world. A world where women have to enter into the work world and try to make it "in a man's world." We often hear that, and don't get me wrong it is amazing that women have been able to do that and they are really making strides in the workforce and getting treated well. But what happens to the feminine qualities of a women when she is forced to work really hard, exerting her masculine energy all day? The problem is that many women are out of touch with their femininity and it is a growing problem. Women are not necessarily happy because they are not able to express themselves in the very way that they were meant to and have been for centuries. To top it off, there is a growing number of men, that are used to (or have adjusted to) the fact that women are more in their masculine energy, so they have switched into more of a feminine energy. Therefore turning the tables and creating a lot of confusion between men and women and who is supposed to be doing what and how are we supposed to act, etc. Unfortunately it is a huge problem and needs to be addressed. The biggest thing I think women can do for themselves is to give yourself time out of each day to just be in your feminine nature. Dancing, singing, gardening, doing something that makes you feel really good. The biggest thing women can do for men is to just let them be men.

I think an example is needed here. So let's say you are in the middle of standing on a ladder trying to change a lightbulb and your man comes in and says, let me do that, you are going to hurt yourself. You get offended and say "what you don't think I am capable of changing a lightbulb?" "I've got it." This would not be a feminine way of handling the situation, this would be the independent woman saying I can do anything a man can. To stay in the feminine nature, which is what I am talking about here, instead, say thank you so much and get off the ladder and let him change the lightbulb. This is the essence of a masculine man, he wants to help and he wants to do manly things. He wants to know that there are things that you can't do that he can, because if you can do everything why do you need him around anyway? Then after he is done changing the lightbulb don't forget to shower him with kisses and tell him he is your hero. This is a women being in her feminine nature. There are going to be times (many times) when you can do whatever the task is at hand, but letting the man be in his masculine nature allows you to stay in your feminine nature. The feminine nature is radiance, it is a glow that comes from within, a light that shines, that is as a woman your very essence. A lot of women in society are out of touch with that essence and it is very important to return to that. It is beautiful thing when the woman is allowing her feminine essence to shine through and the man is in his masculine. As women, we can still run companies, work all day and be in our masculine energy, but when we return home, it is vital to find a way to be in your feminine nature.

Am I saying that as women we have to stay home and cook and clean for the men in our lives while they work and do "manly" things? No, but I am saying that things need to change and there needs to be a balance and an understanding of what is our essential nature and how can we get back to that on a daily basis? Start off doing something small. Like dancing when you get home from work to a really uplifting song to have a nice bridge from the masculine type roll you have been in all day to a more feminine energy. It is just a thought. Ponder it and see if anything makes sense to you and then see where in your life you could be more in your feminine nature. It is a gift that we have to give. I think it is time to get back to the gift and give it to the world!

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