Tuesday, June 29, 2010

25 Random Thoughts

1. Dirty chai lattes (with a shot of espresso) make me smile
2. Yoga has changed me for the better
3. I love where I live
4. I love seeing the synchronicity
5. A warm brownie and ice cream is my favorite dessert
6. Sitting on a comfy couch in a coffee shop with strangers is weird, but cool
7. Beach cruising makes me feel like a kid
8. People are too focused on making money and not on what their heart desires
9. They say the economy is bad, but who are "they?"
10. How does one loose oneself?
11. It is my dog's birthday today
12. If one looses oneself, where does one go?
13. Our souls always let us know what we need to be doing, we just don't always listen
14. How can one believe in energy and not believe in a higher source of it?
15. Grounding myself is something I have to work on daily
16. Staying focused is my goal of the month
17. Stopping and smelling the flowers is my second goal, of my life
18. Just doing the work, good or bad, is important, just get up and write. Period.
19. I look at really cool paintings and want to recreate them for my wall
20. I think walking around thrift stores, or antique stores is really relaxing
21. I want to swim with dolphins someday
22. I like inspiring people with something to say, I want to pick their brain
23. I love the amazing people in my life
24. I love transformation and getting back to your true self, the one that was lost somehow
25. When you find your true self, you think, you were here all along, what happened?

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